Camp Rules

It is our goal at Bayfort Camp to provide services and products which enable all of our guests to enjoy family vacations in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment. These (hereafter, referred to as “Park Rules”) are written in everyone’s best interest to achieve that goal. If you are ever in doubt or have questions about an issue within the Park please do not hesitate to speak to someone in the office.


The Park is closed Thanksgiving Monday until the Friday of the Victoria Day Weekend, with no water, sewer, road clearing, or other services. No access to the Park will be permitted, except from Friday to Sunday the weekend before Victoria Day Weekend.

Trailers, Mobile Homes and Cottages cannot be used as a permanent or principal residence and must not be used outside of this period. The Seasonal Trailers, Mobile Homes and Cottages are not to be used as a mailing address and any mail received will be returned to sender.

All Site Fees are due on the Day the Park Opens for Seasonal Trailer and Cottage Occupants. All Site Fees are due on July 1 of each year for Mobile Home Occupants. All unpaid accounts will be charged 2% per. Month.

Seasonal Trailer, and Cottage Occupants will not be allowed in the Park and gate cards will not be issued or activated until lot fees are paid in full, the License of Occupation is completed and the Office Staff have seen proof of your trailer insurance. Mobile Home Occupants have until July 1 to pay, complete the License of Occupation and to produce proof of insurance.

It is the Responsibility of the Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home and Cottage Occupants to provide the Office Staff proof of valid up-to-date trailer insurance against fire and storm damage, and his or her third party liability. Failure to do so will result in the immediate termination of the License of Occupation Agreement.

One Gate card will be issued to each Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home and Cottage Occupant. A deposit is required for each card. There is a replacement fee for a new card if your card is lost or damaged. All gate cards MUST be returned to the office before the last day of the season. Your deposit will be returned at that time. These passes, once issued may not be transferred to any other persons during the season in which they were issued.


Park Grounds are communal and include all of the waterfront area of the Park. The area of land designated for an individual Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home, and Cottage are for the use of the Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home, and Cottage Occupants, and the area of usage will be determined by Park Management. Park Management reserves the right to clarify any discrepancies.

Washrooms are open 24 hours daily. Please help us to maintain clean washrooms. Notify the office when washroom facilities are not as they should be.

One Family allowed per Camp Site, Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home and Cottage Site. A family consists of parents who have signed the License of Occupation and their unmarried children under the age of 19. All others including family members are considered visitors and must pay a visitor fee. 

Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home, and Cottage Occupants will ultimately be held responsible for all persons visiting their unit. Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home and Cottage Occupants must be present when visitors are on their site. In the event of behaviour likely to cause offence or damage to any other user of the Park or the facilities, Park Management reserves the right to remove any offenders and/or the Seasonal Occupant(s) from the Park without warning.

All Visitors must sign-in at the office upon EACH visit, pay the visitor fee and obtain a vehicle tag and Gate Card. Visitors arriving in an occupant’s vehicle must sign-in at the office and pay the visitor fee. Visitor Fees apply to each person in the vehicle over the age of 18 years. The necessary visitor information needed to sign in is the vehicle make, license plate number, and the name and site number of the Seasonal Occupant. Seasonal Occupants will be responsible for paying unpaid visitor fees.

Visitors are expected to vacate the Park before 8:00p.m, from Sunday to Thursday and 11:00p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the Long Weekends.

All visitors must leave the Park during office hours. Gate cards are to be returned by the visitor when they are on the way out of the Park. Gate card deposits will only be returned to the visitor.

One (1) visitor vehicle is allowed to be parked at a site. It is strictly prohibited to park on any other site.

You are responsible for your visitors.

Visitors are not allowed to bring any watercraft into the Park, this includes boats and sea-doos.

Renting trailers or allowing others to use your Seasonal Trailer, Cottage or Mobile Home is not allowed.


Trailer length, Seasonal Trailer length must not exceed exactly 30 feet measured from tip of tongue to end of back bumper

Utility sheds are limited to one shed per Site. Sheds must be purchased and constructed of metal or plastic. A maximum of 64 sq. feet is allowed. Sheds should only be used for storage of possessions.

Parking, each Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage Site is allowed no more than 2 vehicles.

Watercraft, including boats, jet skis, watercraft and their related hauling trailers must be parked on the Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage Site. Total length of watercraft cannot exceed 14 feet. All watercraft over 14 feet must be stored somewhere else. Absolutely no parking of trailers, watercraft, or vehicles allowed on communal areas or weekend tent or trailer sites.

Repairs and maintenance of cars, boats or any other vehicles is not permitted in the Park.

Tents, all tents are restricted to the designated tenting areas of the Park. No tents of any description are to be used for overnight accommodation on a Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage Site. Tent sites accommodate only one family consisting of parents and children.

Site condition, all Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage Sites are to be maintained in good condition. The occupants of each Site are responsible for the general upkeep of their Site. Park Management will give 14 days’ notice to improve the general upkeep if it is not maintained. Park Management reserves the right to terminate the License of Occupation if upkeep is not improved

Privacy, be considerate of your neighbours, privacy and space. Please do not walk-on or pass through other sites. Please do not allow your children to play on or around other sites.

New building construction, changes to building structures or plantings are not allowed without permission of Park Management.

Tarps are NOT allowed as windbreak or to cover a Trailer, Cottage or Shed. Winter tarps must be removed by the May Long Weekend of any given year.

Noise is to be kept to an Absolute Minimum between 11:00p.m., and 8:00a.m., by all occupants including Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home and Cottage Occupants. Excessive noise will not be tolerated at any time of the day. Excessive noise is defined as any sound that Park Management deems to be causing a disturbance to other users of the Park. Turn car stereos down when entering the Park and do not use them to provide music while in the Park.

Children, your children are your responsibility and must be supervised at all times. Children and young adults under the age of 19 will not be allowed to stay in the Park if they are not accompanied by their own parents. Children under the age of 19 must be on their sites by 11:00p.m., unless they are accompanied by a parent.

Trees, shrubs, hedges, etc. will be maintained by the Park and must not be trimmed, pruned or cut down by anyone else. Do not damage or drive nails into our trees. Please remove all patio stones and bricks at the base of all trees as the trees are not able to absorb enough rain water to keep them healthy. Chain Saws are not allowed in the Park.

Grass cutting is the responsibility of the Seasonal Occupant. Charges will be applied to your account if the Park has to cut your grass.

Watering of plants, grass, etc. is not permitted. We operate on well water. The iron content of the water results in some discolouration, but does not affect the water quality. Washing of vehicles and or watercraft while on the property is prohibited. Water timers are prohibited. Our water system cannot handle the extra demand.

Animals, other than dogs and other domestic animals may not occupy Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage Sites. Maximum of 2 animals combined per site. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and are not allowed in common areas of the Park. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to pick up any foul from their pet. Keep your pet quiet and under control at all times. Complaints about a dog barking excessively will require the dog to wear a bark collar. Under Ontario provincial law, dangerous dogs Pit-bull, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc. are not allowed in the Park. Any behaviour deemed to be aggressive, including biting, can be cause for immediate eviction of the animal. If the owners do not remove the animal from the Park they will be evicted without seasonal fee refund.

Wildlife, our campground is located in a rural area in which the owners of Seasonal Trailers, Mobile Homes and Cottage Occupants share a natural habitat with wildlife including skunks and raccoons. Protect your Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage from being damaged by these animals. Do not feed the wildlife. Park management at no time shall be liable for any damages caused by these animals to a Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage under any circumstances.

Swimming in the Park is not supervised by lifeguards and all water access is a “swim at your own risk” area and is only allowed during daylight hours. Supervise your children at all times.

Playgrounds and Common Areas are “use at your own risk” areas. Use only during daylight hours and supervise your children at all times.

Trash must be disposed of in the dumpsters at the Park entrance. Blue Boxes are not for personal use and are to be left at the dumpster area for everyone to use. Garbage is not permitted from outside the Park. Large items such as construction/renovation materials and furniture MUST be disposed of at the local landfill by occupants. Metal can be placed next to the office for the Scrap Man.

Fireworks, firecrackers, firearms, air guns, slingshots, are not allowed in the Park.

Alcohol and Glass Containers including glasses or bottles are only permitted on your site.

The smoking of Cannabis is permitted on the Occupant’s Site only and is prohibited in all common areas of the Park including all Non Smoking areas. If the consumption or smoking on the Occupant’s Site is the subject of valid nuisance complaints by other Occupants or their visitors the Owner may further restrict Site consumption or smoking deemed by the Owner to be appropriate. Do not cultivate, produce or distribute cannabis anywhere on Park lands, the Site or in the Occupant’s Trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage.


A speed limit of 5mph/8kph must be observed at all times. Children are playing.

Motorcycles, mopeds, motorized bikes and golf carts are not allowed in the Park. Parking is provided next to the office. Management and Staff are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items left at the office.

Children up to the age of sixteen(16) must wear a helmet at all times when riding bicycles, skateboards etc. in accordance with Ontario laws. Bicycles must be on respective Sites by dusk.

Fire Extinguisher, Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector; all Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home and Cottage Occupants must be fitted with a dry powder fire extinguisher, a fully functional smoke alarm, and a fully functional carbon monoxide alarm, as per Bill 77 in accordance with General Ontario Fire Code and Ontario Building Code.

Propane, a maximum of 2 propane bottles is permitted at each Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home and Cottage Site. They cannot be chained together or chained to the Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage.

The Electrical Safety Authority and Bayfort Camp require you to meet the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. You are required to have a ground fault interrupter receptacle on the outside of your Seasonal trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage and one in the bathroom connected to the outside receptacle. An in-use weatherproof receptacle cover must be installed on the outside ground fault interrupter receptacle. All shed and deck extension cords and wiring must be CSA approved and meet the Electrical Safety Code. You are allowed to plug 2 extension cords into the receptacle on the outside of your Seasonal Trailer or Cottage. You can only plug one item into each extension cord. Do not plug one extension cord into another, or splice into a cord to run more wiring. Extension cords cannot be attached to the deck, shed, trees or trailer in any way; they must lie freely on or around the deck. Do not remove the end of your extension cord and re-attach it. Install a rubber gasket to ensure your extension cord does not touch the side of your metal shed. If the plug (male end) of your trailer cord is burnt or damaged contact the office before you plug your trailer in. Future inspections will be conducted as required.

Campfires and barbecues must be extinguished before retiring for the evening or leaving the Site. Park Management will not allow fires when Fire Banns are ordered by the Township of Tay, or if they pose a threat to the safety of others.

Bayfort Camp Management reserves the right to make additions or deletions to these Rules from time to time for the general safety and efficient management of the Park.

The Camp Management reserves the right to remove any offenders and/or owners in the event of behaviour that is offensive or damaging to any other user of the Park or causes occupants of the Park to be deprived of the enjoyment of their Sites. Park Management also reserves the right to terminate the License of Occupation if it deems to be necessary.

The License of Occupation will be terminated immediately if serious or unreasonable behaviour is not capable of remedy. Examples of such activities are as follows:

Committing a criminal offence on the Park such a theft, bringing unlawful drugs or firearms into the Park or committing any assault on another person.

Willfully causing damage to any property in the Park belonging to the Park Management or any other Guest, or Seasonal Trailer, Mobile Home or Cottage Occupants.

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