Camp Rules

We are pleased to have you with us and hope these rules will make your stay a little more pleasant.

The season is from the Friday of Victoria Day Weekend to Thanksgiving Day Monday. The camp is closed starting the day after Thanksgiving until Victoria Day Weekend, with no water, sewer, road clearing, or other services. No access to the camp will be permitted, except from Friday to Sunday the weekend before Victoria Day.



You will not be allowed in camp and your gate card will not be issued or activated until your lot fees are paid in full, and your Licence of Occupation is completed.

Each owner of each trailer with a valid driver’s license is entitled to one gate card. A deposit is required for each card. There is a replacement fee if your card is lost or damaged. All gate cards must be returned to the office before the last day of the season.  Your deposit will be returned at that time. 

One Family per campsite, a family consists of parents who have signed the Licence of Occupation and their unmarried children under the age of 19. All others including family members are considered visitors and must pay a visitor fee.  

Trailer owners must be present when visitors are on their lot. You are responsible for your visitors. They must register and pay the visitor fee and deposit for the gate card if they arrive in your car or their own. Gate card deposits will only be returned to the visitor not the trailer owner.  Visitors must return the gate card and leave the camp during office hours. If your visitors do not pay the visitor’s fee you will be responsible for paying. Parking is only allowed on your lot.

Renting trailers or allowing others to use your trailer is not allowed. Tents are restricted to tenting area.

One utility shed per lot. Sheds must be purchased and constructed of metal or plastic. A maximum of 64 sq. feet is allowed. No new building construction, changes to building structures or plantings are allowed without permission of owners. Trailer length must not exceed 30 feet, tongue and back bumper included.

Starting in 2013 the Electrical Safety Authority and Bayfort Camp require you to meet the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. You are required to have a ground fault interrupter receptacle on the outside of your trailer, or one in the trailer bathroom connected to the outside receptacle. An in-use weatherproof receptacle cover must be installed on the outside ground fault interrupter receptacle. All shed and deck extension cords and wiring must be CSA approved and meet the Electrical Safety Code.  You are allowed to plug 2 extension cords into the receptacle on the outside of your trailer.  You can only plug one item into each extension cord. Do not plug one extension cord into another, or splice into a cord to run more wiring. Extension cords cannot be attached to the deck, shed, trees or trailer in any way; they must lie freely on or around the deck. Do not remove the end of your extension cord and re-attach it. Install a rubber gasket to ensure your extension cord does not touch the side of your metal shed.  If the plug (male end) of your trailer cord is burnt or damaged contact the office before you plug your trailer in.  Future inspections will be conducted as required.



Your children are your responsibility and must be supervised at all times.  Children and young adults under the age of 19 will not be allowed to stay in the campground if they are not accompanied by their own parents.  All persons under the age of 19 must be on their campsites by 11:00p.m.

Your pet is welcome, but please keep it on a leash, quiet and under control at all times. Do not leave it unattended. Pets are not allowed on the beach or in the playground areas. Please pick up after your pet.

A speed limit of 5mph/8kph must be observed at all times.  Children are playing.

Motorcycles, mopeds, motorized bikes and golf carts are not allowed in the campground.  Parking is provided next to the office. Bicycle riding is not allowed after dark.   

Washrooms are open 24 hours daily.  Please help us to maintain clean washrooms. Notify the office when washroom facilities are not as they should be.

Please bag all garbage and place in dumpsters at campground entrance.  Blue Boxes are not for personal use and are to be left at dumpsters for everyone to use. Sort materials into the appropriate container and throw plastic bags in dumpsters. Do not place scrap metal and building material (BBQs, fridges, small appliances, furniture, wood, etc.) in the dumpsters. Please place them next to office for the Scrap Man.

Firecrackers, firearms, air guns, slingshots and chain saws are not allowed in the campground. 

Do not damage, cut or drive nails into our trees. Please remove all patio stones and bricks at the base of the trees as the trees are not able to absorb enough rain water to keep them healthy. 

Avoid excessive noise. Play your radio, tapes; etc., softly at all times. If your neighbor can hear your music it is too loud. Silence after 11:00p.m and before 8:00a.m.

We operate on well water.  The iron content of the water results in some discoloration, but does not affect the water quality. No watering grass or washing cars is permitted in the campground; our system cannot possibly handle the extra demand.

No rowdiness, drunkenness, disorderly conduct, profane language or vandalism will be tolerated. These activities will result in immediate removal of you and your family from campground property. No refunds.



Joseph E. Ogden,

2055176 Ontario. Inc.
o/a Bayfort Camp